Corporate Casino Parties to Show Your Appreciation

Showing your employees that they are appreciated makes business sense. It doesn’t matter if you are in a large corporation or a small start-up, a relatively small investment in saying “Thank you for your hard work and loyalty” will pay dividends with increased productivity and less wear and tear. Most established organizations already know this, which is why it remains an integral part of their annual operating budgets.

There are many ways to achieve this. It could be a traditional banquet with speeches, awards and recognitions. It can be an annual holiday party in which bonus checks are distributed. It can be a picnic in the department or at the division level. All of these approaches are tested and effective, but they lack the creativity and ‘boldness’ of a company that wants to project the image of advancing to the forefront of its sector, attracting and retaining talents who want to do the same.

Corporate casino parties create a fun environment that removes and barriers that may exist within a typical organizational structure during the event. Everyone is on an equal footing and is automatically at ease. The presence of first-class casino game tables and professional dealers who occupy each of the tables that represent “the house” helps to promote a team building environment. All of this, in addition to the natural excitement that accompanies the entire Las Vegas experience, creates a complete victory that tells your valued employees that you appreciate them and want them to have fun.

“But not everyone plays,” you say. Don’t worry, there is no ‘game’ going on. The chip may look real, but there is no monetary value attached to it sports betting sites. You can make it interesting by rewarding high chip winners, but make sure no one puts your hard-earned money at risk. The games are played with standard casino rules and payouts, but you can view the chips the same way you win monopoly money … it’s a way to keep the score and nothing else.

– But what about the children? We want it to be a family event ‘. This is also not a problem. Special tables can be set up for children, with a professional children’s games dealer like Crazy-8s and UNO, and they can also play with chips so they can be an integral part of the event. Instruction tables can be set up for teenagers, so that their first experience in a real casino when they reach adulthood is not their first learning experience.

An additional benefit that companies get from hosting a casino party for their employees or for a class of potential new hire candidates is the ability to observe them and their individual styles at the gaming tables. This can give you an idea of ​​what you can expect from them as employees.

For example, you notice that Jane sits at the Black Jack table and bets the minimum amount on all hands and doesn’t hit anything that could potentially break her hand. Jane is obviously ultra-conservative and probably does a great job in a support role, but she wouldn’t be the type of person you’re looking to promote new ideas or provide support for something that hasn’t been proven in the market.
Joe likes to play Craps and bet on all dice roles. Joe probably has the personality type that requires immediate feedback or instant gratification. A good manager would write this down to reassure Joe regularly that his efforts are going in the right direction, or he may need to make some adjustments. Infrequent communication with Joe will almost guarantee your departure in a relatively short period of time.
Mary likes to play roulette and is always playing ‘her numbers’ immediately, without paying her bets. Mary is looking for the BIG VICTORY and doesn’t mind taking on the small losses that are inevitable to get there. Mary is a risk-taker, so now the only thing you need to determine is whether the risks she takes on your behalf in the workplace are managed risks with an acceptable positive potential or not.