Get Paid to Attend University

School-leavers keen to have a degree but scared of devoting tens of thousands of pounds of debt in Britain are being offered tempting packages – and the prospect of an experience – from Asian universities. Harvard and Yale, the esteemed American universities, already offer lucrative financing to poach the brightest British teenagers. Universities from South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand recently visited London to promote themselves to a British viewer.
Many of their courses are taught in English, plus they are trying to tempt school-leavers by asserting that studying abroad can make them attractive to prospective employers.
While American’Ivy League’ universities offer some ample ราชภัฏสวนสุนันทา, including living expenses, competition to have a spot is fierce and few triumph.
Students are required not just to be brilliant, but well-rounded individuals with loads of extra-curricular interests. Emma Watson, the Harry Potter actress, has allegedly seen American universities with a view to analyzing there.
Today Asian universities wish to muscle in on the action. Eleven of them seen a university fair in London recently to find out just how to promote to indigenous teenagers. They can get a responsive audience: fears over the recession mean increasing quantities of sixth-formers are questioning the price of a level – and how much value of the money it represents.
A government inspection of England’s topup tuition fees will probably happen in 2013, also is expected to recommend that the #3200 cap has been increased, or trashed altogether.
Many students already graduate tens of tens of thousands of pounds in debt, and going to university could suddenly become more costly.

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